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Hunters Hot Springs
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Summer Lake Bed and Breakfast
Summer Lake Hot Springs
All photos on this page by Terri Dippel including feature photo of Fort Rock in the heading.
Sweet to the Soul and Heaven for a Weary Mind is never more true than the wide open spaces of the Great Basin Outback.......

If you are visiting or newly settled in the Klamath Basin there are treasures to be found in the surrounding region that are perfect for day tripping or weekend adventures. Over the next few days I will make a guide for you based on my favorite experiences from my own travels. Enjoy! Oh yes, a few rules of the road to make for a safer, more enjoyable trip.....
1. When passing on a remote rural road...give a wave!
2. Close any gate you open and don’t cut fences. Respect private property.
4. Slow to a crawl if you happen upon a cattle drive...ask the riders to help you thru the herd if you’d like.
5. Don’t honk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh PLE-E-E-ZE DON’T HONK around livestock and  horses!
6. Try not to freak about cow manure on your car!
7. Make sure you have plenty of gas and that your car is in good running order. Some towns don’t even have gas/service available or close at sunset.
8. Gravel roads are common in this region so make sure you have a vehicle with tires that are tough enough for the wear and tear they will receive. Make sure you have a good spare tire and jacks. 4x4’s are nice! Make sure somebody knows where you are going and when you expect to arrive and depart.
9. Carry plenty of water, food, fire, emergency supplies, blankets in  case you get stranded.
10. Cell phones may or may not work in much of the more remote areas where some of the best attractions are found. Plan accordingly. Carry good maps and a compass.
12. Sit tight if you get in trouble.
13.  Remember this too: if you are from a large urban area where you never know your neighbors, the people you are apt to run into in this region are open, friendly, honest, community oriented people you can trust to help you if you need it. Get to know them and let them get to know you!
13. All of these preparations and precautions will ensure a safe trip into a wonder filled region ....I really believe you will have adventures that end up being some of the best of your life!!!!

Links to Great Places in Lake County
It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to drive to Lakeview, it will take most of a day to drive a leisurely loop north thru Paisley, Summer Lake, Silver Lake, Christmas Valley and Fort
Lake County Chamber
The Oregon Outback National Scenic Byway
Oregon’s Outback
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Warner Canyon Ski area
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Lake County Trip Check map
Summer Lake Inn –Deluxe!!! Deluxe!!!
The Lodge at Summer Lake – Great Food! Great Rooms!
Summer Lake Hot Springs – One of Oregon’s best kept secrets!
Hunter’s Hotsprings Resort – hot mineral pool, geyser
Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge
Crack in the Ground
Sand Dunes
Lost Forest
Abert Rim and Lake Abert
Cowboy Dinner Tree near Silver Lake. Everybody needs to eat here at least once! Also the Historic Adel Store in Adel.