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Wokas seed pods were gathered from the vast marshes and processed into one of the staple foods of this highly specialized marsh, lake, and river-based culture.

Hats, clothing, baskets, shelter and so much more were made from twined tules. for complete information on the history of the Klamath Tribes please visit their website:  http://www.klamathtribes.org
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Klamath Tribes Annual Events

All Tribal Events are Drug and Alcohol Free
and open to the public.

Annual All-Indian Peak-to-Peak World
Championship Men’s & Women’s Basketball
Tourney, March. 1-800-524-9787.

Annual Return of /c’waam Ceremony, held each
year after the first snow in March,
1-800-524-9787, ext. 159 or 147.

Southern Oregon Memorial Day Pow Wow
and Rodeo, Klamath County Fairgrounds,

Klamath Tribes Annual Restoration Celebration,
August, Chiloquin, Oregon, 1-800-524-9787,
ext. 147 for info.

Annual Veterans Pow Wow, Klamath County
Fairgrounds, Veterans Day weekend.

New Years Eve Sobriety Pow Wow, Klamath
County Fairgrounds, 541 882-7248, KADA.
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Wokas flower Photo  by Terri Dippel,
 all other photos courtesy of the Klamath Tribes